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Communication/Assertiveness Coaching-We all have different roles and responsibilities that require communicating with others.  We may need to communicate differently depending on the type of message we want others to obtain from us.  Learning assertiveness skills helps you communicate effectively with others.  Whether you find yourself trying to communicate effectively in issues with family, friends, at work, etc.; assertiveness coaching will help you stand for what you believe is correct, getting your message across, without violating your rights or those of others.

Issues I Can Help You With:

Self-Defeating Behavioral Patterns
Physical/Emotional Well Being
Stress Management
Interpersonal Skills
Relationship Management
Communication Styles
Conflict/Problem Solving
Goals Setting/Personal Growth
Life Roles
Life Transitions

College/University Education
Time Management
Life Balance​
Family Issues

Coaching for Productivity in the Workplace-Work is a big part of our lives.  When individuals are not satisfied with their jobs, whether the individual is a manager or an employee; the organization may experience their employees’ dissatisfaction reflected in poor productivity.  Turnover are related to job satisfaction and organizational commitment.  Leadership theories suggest different interventions to improve leadership effectiveness, employees’ productivity and job satisfaction for everyone in the workplace.  Coaching for productivity provides tools to all parts involved for the needed motivation required for success in the workplace.  Call ME FOR PACKAGES TAILORED TO YOUR ORGANIZATION/COMPANY.

I offer Coaching One-on-One and Groups of two people or more.  I can coach you On The Phone, through Skype, or in My Office if you are in the Orlando, FL. greater area.  Other meeting arrangements for Coaching can be made.  Coaching is offered in both English and Spanish.​  CALL FOR DETAILS!

Intensive Coaching – Designed for those who want to see drastic change in little time.  The Intensive Coaching programs provide focused coaching for those people committed to their success.  The Intensive Coaching programs provide the coaching and training to develop critical thinking skills to be applied to any situation or issue.  Only 4-Weeks Program; yet our most intense learning and transformative experience!

Only $250.00

Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching-Many factors influence the way we behave.  We behave depending of the type of stimuli behind our behaviors; whether internal or external, conscious or unconscious, overt or hidden, voluntary or involuntary, etc.  It is not always easy to identify poor behavioral patterns/habits contributing to our lack of success.  Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching will help you identify those negative patterns of behavior and learn patterns that will lead you to reach your goals toward success.  Cognitive-Behavioral coaching is ideal for those who want to achieve growth in their lives successfully, in the areas of personal, family, career, etc.

Coaching Sessions/Individual

Transformative Coaching-Transformative coaching allows you to experience transformative learning to form a clarified understanding of options, tools and strategies to deal with personal and professional up’s and down’s.  Many are the dilemmas/conflicts/issues we all face daily.  Some are more complex than others, depending on the situation/setting.  Solutions for some of those dilemmas are not always obvious. Transformative Coaching provides new tools to understand a problem/issue from a new perspective.  Transformative Coaching engages the individual in his/her learning process to maximize the experience of transformation.  Whether you are looking for a transformation in your personal, family or professional life, Transformative Coaching will help you get the problem resolved in the least time possible.


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